Hypergeometrical Universe

3D Masses - Better Explanation

3D Masses Versus 4D Masses

Since nobody complained or demanded a better explanation, this little mistake lived a long time.
It wasn't' until I had to calculate the masses of everything that I realized that the correct paradigm for 3D Masses and 4D Masses is 4D Volume overlap as opposed to 3D Projection...:)

The correct paradigm is explained below:

a) The 3D Shock Wave Universe which is very thin along the radial direction should be thought as a 4D Shock-Wave nevertheless and not as a 3D hypersphere... This was an approximation that I used to make people more comfortable. It just clashes with the way the dilators interact with each other. They interact with each other in this very thin, but still four-dimensional shock-wave.

b) From my prior statement it should become clear that 3DMass is actually the observed (in physical contact - overlap- with the very thin 4D Fabric of Space) dilator 4D volume overlapping with the 4D Shock-Wave Universe or 4D Fabric of Space.

c) Thus the paradigm for the so called 3D Mass should be one of an intersection between the 4D Dilator and the 4D Shock-Wave Universe or 4D Fabric of Space..:)

This means that if you think about the particles as very thin pizza pies, as soon as they rotate a little, the overlap of their rotated state with the original state gets small very fast. For the case of particles this is really fast. 3D Mass (this above mentioned overlap) is extremely dependent upon the angle of spinning.

That said, it everything should be easier to understand.

A dilator shape shifts from a small pie to a large pie and rotates. One can only perceive the pie when it is flat on the table...:) As soon as it rotates, one cannot see a pie...:)

This simple explanation and the fact that the unification of forces made use of zero phase dilaton interference patterns - Quantum Lagrangian Principle- make it easy to understand the pseudo-quantization of time. Interaction only happens when the pie is on the table or when the dilator lies flat on the very thin 4D Fabric of Space or Shock-Wave Universe. This is covered on the Meaning of Material Existence.


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