A Little Bit about Censorship

A little about Censorship

A friend of mine observed incorrectly that I seem to be using a censorship gimmick to increase the visibility of my theory. The idea is that I would be wrapping myself and my theory with the flag of Human Rights and thus validating the theory indirectly. That is not correct.

The censorship monkeys are there to show my outrage by the violation of a higher right. The right that is being trampled by Dr. Paul Ginsparg is the rights of an idea. Ideas are more important than we are. They have a life of their own and have the ability to benefit or destroy mankind.

By arbitrarily censoring my ideas, Dr. Ginsparg, tried to preclude the paradigm of the Hypergeometrical Universe from existing.

I have no powers over him. I don't review his grants, don't have the power to invite him to conferences or to give talks in my academic department, etc.

I am quite powerless with respect to that kind of obstacle, but the idea has a life of its own and managed to move on and found its own outlet.

I will take the censorship monkeys off our backs. The outrage is still here. The sense that Science has been utterly disrespected remains, but my work is almost done. I have a few blogs to do and I will be done with the theory.

So let's enjoy the ride, only remembering the good times and disregarding the little people that tried to hold us back...:)

I've heard that you people would like to transmutate lead into gold...:) I guess I can help you...

Just keep reading.



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