Hypergeometrical Universe



I received this question about WHAT...:)

Since we all can learn from WHAT as well as WHY, here is the question and the answer:
It will be nice if you can explain WHAT you show is new, which was not shown or proven for Hyperons in conventional quark models (QCD) ?I like your rotated diagrams

The WHAT is everything....This is a total departure from existing Physics from the point defined by Newton's Four Natural Laws.

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The Smoking Xis


Coming down the pipe are the XIS. Below are the assignment for XI Zero and XI Minus:
which decays into Lambda Zero plus a Pion Minus...:) (remember that Lambda Zero is just another spin configuration of Delta Zero)

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The Kaons

The Kaons

The Kaons is a detour. Up to know we only analysed particles that contained Electron-Neutrinos (Electron-Proton-Electron transmutation transitions) or Muon-Neutrinos (Electron-Positron-Electron transmutation transitions)

The Kaons will involve the last known neutrino: The Tau Neutrino.

Let's start with the Kaon Minus assignment:

which decays into a Pion Minus plus a Pion Zero.

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