Hypergeometrical Universe

Sterile Neutrinos

Sterile Neutrinos

These neutrinos were hypothesized to exist and to be able to interact only through Gravitation. If they were real in any shape or form they would had modulated the development of the Universe.

Of course, they are also the reason behind weapons race associated with The Final Theory..:)

Currently, Science has the myopic view (4D Spacetime) which allows for incongruous reasonings like a circular spacetime (due to mass induced Spacetime curvature) etc. In this very primitive perception of the Universe, the existence of a new gravitationally interacting particle would change the effective gravitational mass distributed within the 3D Universe and that could induce the Universe to be a Big Bang to be followed by a Big Crunch etc...

Of course, this is meaningless and brainless in a 5DSpacetime with a 3D Shockwave Hyperspherical Universe paradigm.

In any event, I showed that the Electron Neutrino was associated with the 3D Rotation of the Proton-side deformation. Below is the Neutron deformation spinning double potential well:
This figure shows three coherences. The first is the Neutron coherence. Here an electron coherence is followed by a Electron-Proton Transmutation chord. This chord corresponds to a sub-coherence between states (2/3,2/3,-1/3) and (2/3,-1/3,2/3) or to a rotation around the X-axis. This occurs while the spinning perpendicular to R takes place and changes which state will be in phase with the 3D Hypersphere (our 3D Universe). It changes the in-phase phase from Electron to Proton. Later another Electron-Proton Transmutation Chord restores the Electron phase as the in-phase one.

Since there is no difference between starting from one phase or the other, the Neutron is actually represented by the two possible coherences, thus a dimer. As a dimer it has helicity, nuclear angular momentum and spin...:)

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