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The Twin Paradox

(This is a message from the Future - I was wrong here. The current view of the Twin Paradox is right, but for the wrong reasons).

I am not going to engage in mindless debate about the Twin Paradox. I am just going to tell you point blank... In my new book...

The book is ready and it will contain the correct explanation about Time...:)

The correct explanation about time describes how Gravitation, Electromagnetism (dilaton field and dilator response) and Particle's lifetimes (dilator's lifetime) depend upon velocity (local deformation of the Fabric of Space).

I am sure you sneared when I said I had the correct explanation. There is a correct and an incorrect explanation for time dilation... Just a hint... The Lorentz transformation or constancy of the speed of light is not the correct explanation...:)

Einstein did not have a geometrical interpretation of time dilation... 4D Lorentz transforms were not understood in terms of imaginary angle rotations as I do..:) Just as a transformation... nothing else..

Einstein couldn't even think about Time properly because he had no geometrical interpretation of time dilation... and no geometrical interpretation about those two dependencies (Universal Force (dilaton field) and particle (dilator) lifetimes)... He could not ask the correct question so he could not get the correct answer....

That is a basic tenet in life.... You can only get the correct answer if you can at least ask the correct question...:)

It will be brief as any of my blogs, but it will be revealing...:)

This is good news indeed ...



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