Hypergeometrical Universe

Big Bang or Many Bangs..:)


I derived this simple d(z) (HU Cosmological Ruler):

This formula provides the distance as a function of redshift z. This is what you need if you want to say anything about Cosmology.

This d(z), which has no parameters (R_0 is independently measured) is proven right by its correct prediction of type 1a Supernovae distances, shown below:

HU derives from first principles this equation for Gravitation:

You see again, R_0 in the denominator of the Gravitational Constant G.

This means that Gravity is epoch-dependent. This makes the Stellar Candles to become epoch-dependent too (in contradiction with the current view).

Which view is correct?

The standard procedure to define which theory is better is the number of unproven hypotheses and fitting parameters. HU has simple hypotheses which DO NOT OFFEND PHYSICS.

Anyone who had Physics in high school will recognize that this is highly offensive to Mother Physics…:)

“How fast is the “Speed of inflation” you might ask, the speed of cosmological inflation is about the space between two molecules in your water bottle right now expanding to a few hundred million light years across to a different supercluster in the universe within 100 million trillion trillionth of a second.”

It is not only offensive, it is also UNNECESSARY.

It is done like that to allow for Singularity Physics, that is, permission for Mathematicians to write anything in papers and get them published.

My theory provides a simple mechanism for matter creation that does not requires high temperature.. .high density…or anything unusual.

The current view requires Inflation Theory (highly offensive theory - to both intelligence and physics).

HU predicts the distances without a single parameters. The current view has this shameful parametrization:

Here you can see where the still unseen Dark Matter and Dark Energy come from. All ‘evidences’ of Dark Matter are easily explained by the Gravitational Law above. So, there is no argument that disfavors HU and favors L-CDM (Lambda-Cold Dark Matter).

What about the Voids???

I wrote a posting about the Void (the one closest to us):

The Void by Marco Pereira on Hypergeometrical Universe

I applied HU d(z) to the SDSS BOSS dataset and made the map of the Universe:


This is the plot of Galaxy density versus distance.


Hyperspherical Acoustic Waves can be understood by looking at the cross-sections of the Universe proposed by the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory:

HU proposes that the Universe is a lightspeed expanding hyperspherical hypersurface. You can understand this if you read it as the Universe lies on the surface of a lightspeed expanding SPHERE. Taking one dimension doesn’t change the physics and it helps understanding.

Once I plotted this data perpendicularly to the angular space, you get this:

Here are the UNCONTROVERSIAL evidence that there are seeding of the Universe along the DISTANCE dimension.

Homogeneous expansion is a cornerstone of Current Cosmology. It is proven wrong here and it is plain to see. Anyone can reproduce the data here.

This figure debunks General Relativity (it shows that the Universe is a 5D Spacetime instead of the standard 4D Spacetime), Inflation/L-CDM (since d(z) does not require any parameters - and that includes Dark Matter and Dark Energy), Big Bang (it shows 36 Bangs in increasing intensity).

You can understand the image by imagining the seesawing (sloshing) of the density of the Universe between our region and a region around 30% of the radius of the Universe.

The Big Bang evidence is the Cosmic Microwave Background, which is only visible some 380,000 years after its birth. It is based on the evidence that the Universe was hot at that time. Well, my Big Pop and Many Bangs theory provide the energy to make the Universe hot. It also shows that there wasn’t a single Bang.

It also provides a non-offensive Cosmogenesis theory that replaces the Fiery, Singularity based Big Bang theory.

In doing so, it rebuts the Higgs Mechanism for matter (mass) creation.

Below you can see NASA attempt to discredit my theory. They did it not by criticizing anything inside my article. They tried to criticize me by proxy - which is akin to say, you are so and so, so you cannot had created a theory that does what your theory does..:)

In view of that, I demanded a real argument…:) After all, the fellow is a Bonafide Astrophysicist…:)

NASA - Houston, we have a problem!! :)

Conversation with Matthias Jaeger by Marco Pereira on HUPeerReview

In Summary

The voids are the result of two processes. The first one took place during the first 3012 years and has to do with Neutronium Acoustic Oscillations (NAO)…:)

They created the recomposing of Local Seed Black Holes. Those Black Holes are responsible for the galaxy density profiles seen above.

The other process (responsible for smaller size fluctuations) is related to the plasma waves (density fluctuations).

Below is video explaining the Big Pop and Many Bang Cosmogenesis theory:


The Hypergeometrical Universe Theory has been censored since 2004.

Please upvote this and all posting about it such that we may one day

Travel to the Stars..:)

Theory Article:

The Hypergeometrical Universe Theory

and here


Data Trove - You can reproduce the map of the Universe and see the Seeding of the Universe here.

Universe Trove by Marco Pereira on Hypergeometrical Universe


NASA - Houston, we have a problem!! :)

Conversation with Matthias Jaeger by Marco Pereira on HUPeerReview

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