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On the (phases) of particles...that makes sense for the quarks...particles of the same...or close to the same mass...particle phsyics would be simpler if electrons and protons had similar mass....being as their charge is near opposite...."Dice" no, we are God's ahem.."Experiment"...the universe plays dice ie...gamma ray burst..
I would like to thank JD for his enigmatic comment.  Enigmatic since I mentioned that my paradigm shift (The Fundamental Dilator) eliminates the mass asymmetry between protons and electrons..:) It is like my pearls felt onto some deaf ears..:)

My theory rethinks the Universe Laws within a four dimensional spatial framework where the 3D Universe is a lightspeed traveling hyperspherical thin shell.  Since the spatial manifold is four-dimensional, my Fundamental Dilator can be assigned a phase (phase of tunneling relative to spinning or rotating in the 4D spatial manifold).

As the Fundamental Dilator coherence spins, only an extremely well defined phase (overlap of the thin dilator with the thin hyperspherical shell) is seen in our Universe.  That is the phase I mentioned, not something that people don't understand like a wavefunction phase - which is a 3D cross-section of the 4D dilaton field.

This relationship between the 4D dilaton field and the associated de Broglie waves (and thus the wavefunction within the Schrodinger's equation) was explained when I tackled the Double-Slit Interference problem.

Today, I will not repeat myself. I will just give some hints where to find the understanding that you seek for soooo long.
 "Dice" no, we are God's ahem.."Experiment"...the universe plays dice ie...gamma ray burst..

I guess, I should NOT complain when my readers are whimsical themselves since I feel quite good when I manage to say something deep and mysterious..:)

Cheers, JD


PS- Please feel free to ask questions.  You are soooo close to the Truth..:)
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