Hypergeometrical Universe

Conservation Hypergeometrical Laws

Conservation Hypergeometrical Laws

In the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory there are only geometrical elements and two conservation laws.

4D Volume Conversation and 3D Volume Conservation. Of course, both are the same law but one could consider the 3D Conservation Law the law of rest mass conservation, while the 4D Volume conservation stands for Liner and Angular Momentum Conservation or for the Conversation of the Relativistic Energy-Momentum Tensor.

Since the Mass is actually the stroboscopic view of a changing displacement volume (metric modulation), this law is only meaningful (using the concept of mass) at specific phases of the de Broglie hyperspherical expansion. At other phases, one has to use the concept of conservation of 4D volume displacement amplitude, since the volume displacement not only does not conserve but changes sign (metric expansion to metric shrinkage) within each de Broglie cycle.


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