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De Docta Ignorantia

De Docta Ignorantia

I always try to not say anything bad if I cannot say anything good about something. Just good manners.

Reading a little about the History of Science made me think twice about that. De Docta Ignorantia was written by Nicholas de Cues in 1440 when he rebelled against the Docttrine of the Celestial Spheres and proposed an Imensurable Universe - similar to the Aristotelian Universe. He spoke out when it was time to do so.

I am writing this blog in rebelion against the overextension of the influence of the observer on the observed.

I remember when I came across the Many World Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics by deWitt and Graham when I was a naive student. The Copenhagen interpretation, Hund's Law and other paradoxes were driving me crazy..>:)

I realize that there was something absurd about the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics when one mix that with the Influence of the Observer on the Universe proposition.

There has been a cottage industry of highly intelligent people milking this idea. I had a nagging feeling that someone should ask the question: "If there are many possible outcomes for a lottery drawing and if I can influence somehow the path of my Universal Wavefunction - this implies the existence of a Consciouness outside the realm of that Universe Wavefunction.

In other words, if there is the possibility of influencing the Universe Wavefunction Dynamics by this Consciouness' observation then I should be able to choose to win the lottery. Since that doesn't happen, I conclude that there is NOT a Consciousness with existence outside this Universe.

That is the most basic experimental requirement that this theory should be required to fulfill.

If it doesn't, then I have write my own De Docta Ignorantia, which I've just did.



PS- I have to reevaluate EPR pardox in view of my present understanding of the Action at Distance Paradox. I believe the EPR Paradox is resulting from this unwarranted extension of the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, but I would be happy to entertain an intellectual discussion about it...:)
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