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Did the Universe came from Nothing?

Did the Universe came from Nothing?

Where is God's Hand in the Universe Creation...:)

For as long as there was people and before people for as long as there was Dinosaurs..:) , there were people exploiting people by claiming to speak God's Word.

This is an interesting debate about Religion:

It is interesting but it pains me that Christopher Hitchens doesn't have my simple explanation to rebut the question about Everything from Nothing.

The question about Morality coming from molecules.  There is no reason to consider that morality (compassion, family ties, sense of mortality etc) doesn't have a biological (chemical) basis.   Elephants, dogs, etc show compassion, love or emotional attachment, self-sacrifice etc

Those characteristics can be naturally selected since they relate to societal (group) life.  Groups are stronger than lonely individuals.  I have no doubt that a large fraction of being Good and being Evil (psychopath) is biological.  So I think that Hitchens could have a clearer position against Turek argument that Morality is Divine.   If Divine means qualities that are naturally better selectable, then Morality is Divine in the same way as Gravitation/Electromagnetism is Divine.

It is just an Antropic Label...  Natural selection will not select a bunch of selfish psychopaths facing the Glacial Age (for instance) or facing competition for food and being food in a Primordial Forest. Natural selection will favor collaborative, loving people instead, so Natural Selection supports Morality.

The only salient point of Turek's position is if there is an interventionist God.  All the other arguments are trivially rebuttable. He didn't try to prove that.

That said, the discussion is pleasant to listen to  and I highly recommend it.



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