Hypergeometrical Universe

First Peer Review -1

Reviewer 1

Dear Editor,

Dear Reviewer 1

The author seeks to interpret the data for the dependence of luminosity of supernovae on redshift as evidence for a rather revolutionary cosmological model, the Hypergeometric Universe (HU), claiming that the fit is at least as good as the concordance model of cosmology.

Answer: Here we don’t have a question, but the reviewer is clarifying that I claim that my model fits the data better than the current model of cosmology. Here I emphasize that if my theory is correct, comparison of chi-square is not even meaningful since the current model would be fitting incorrect data.

Comparisons of chi-square are not meaningful, since if one considers my theory to be correct, the Supernova Positions would be in different positions, so the initial fitting by Friedmann-Lemaitre Model wouldn’t be correct any more. So chi-square considerations are not a good idea.

In addition, this application of my theory has no parameters (other than H0), L-CDM has six.

Below is the error distribution and the chi-square calculation for good measure

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