Hypergeometrical Universe

First Peer Review - 3

continuation of First Peer-Review

* Why and how is matter/light attached to a submanifold of the full 5D space time?

Answer: In this question, the reviewer missed the dynamical aspect of the problem. The reviewer’s mind is used to static universes (m-branes) where containment is a question. In an open non-compact manifold, containment is not required. For example while light travels freely throughout the 4D manifold ,its absorption only happens where we are. This is not a quantum mechanical observer argument. It is a dephasing argument. An electromagnetic wave is only absorbed when there is dephasing, that requires matter on the right place and time. This is the subtle reason why light coming from inner hyperspheres (earlier epochs) will travel from hypersphere to hypersphere always at 45 degrees. On any other path, light would arrive where we are before we arrive here. This is an anthropic argument for light absorption. We only detect light from the past because these photons always traveled at 45 degrees. When I say, from hypersphere to hypersphere, I mean from de Broglie step to de Broglie step.

Matter is only effected to change its motion tangentially. Any matter traveling at different speed would be quite far away after 13.58 billion year and thus would not interact or be relevant. This is a simple explanation that exhibits non-criticallity, unlike Anthropic arguments current Cosmology has to resort to.

This is a Universe traveling at speed of light in an inertial fashion. There is no need for matter/light to be attached to this submanifold. Under these condition, interaction only yields tangential motion, given that the actual 4D Speed of light is (2)c. This value is derived from energy equipartition (tangential velocity is equal to radial velocity) followed by a non-critical Anthropic Argument (what we considered to be the Universe is what is traveling together with us – the nature of a moving reference frame makes anything outside the hypersphere not easily detectable – I made an exception to the lagging antimatter hypersphere which in the model is mapped to Dark Matter).

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