Hypergeometrical Universe

First Peer Review - 6

* The recent detection of gravitational waves by LIGO confirms that we understand reasonably well the generation and propagation of these waves on cosmological distances. For the reason explained above, they would also have been sensitive to the full 5D structure of the space time and therefore their luminosity would have been completely different in such a 5D setup.

Answer: This is a clear example of Gravitational Wave Dephasing. These Gravitational Waves are actual modulations on the top of the dilaton field (metric waves with wavelengths equal to the Compton Wavelength of an Hydrogen Atom). In fact, there are two kinds of wave (hypersuperficial and hypervolumetric) so the final picture is slightly more complex.

The LIGO detection happens through dephasing of the very slight modulation of the dilaton field. This modulation happened because of dilator positional change (two Black Holes doing Dance Macabre). The physics of Gravitational Waves is trivial and it is consistent with HU Gyrogravitational Law.

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