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As I mentioned many times since the beginning of this blog, too much reverence is a bad thing in Physics... It didn't help me with Bob Schrieffer in the past and it doesn't help anyone when we put people in pedestals.

String Theorists or some of the talking heads placed their theory as something from the 23rd century...:) That is an illegal crutch for any theory..

Einstein always faced tremendous opposition and of course, all that is now passed and his theory is written in stone...

This is not a good thing.

Any prior theory should be reviewed in light of new knowledge and that includes Einstein's, String Theory or the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory...:)

Galilean Electrodynamics is a journal that supports dissident ideas and by doing it support the continued questioning of prior science.. The Galilean in its name places it directly in contraposition with anything that is not Galilean..:) Like Riemanian Geometry or Relativity.

I would be the last one to critize a source of critical sense...:)

Coincidently, I managed to revise Galileo Galilei's Equivalence Principle..:) That principle equates Gravitational Mass with Inertial Mass...:)

It may or may not be attributable to Galileo.

Please, read the blog
Galileo Galilei Biggest Blunder . This blog is just next to Newton's Biggest Blunder...:)

Please, let me know your comments.



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