Hypergeometrical Universe

Good News...:)

I have good news. My theory will be published in a book about Quantization in Astrophysics soon. Details will soon follow.

This brings about the breakthrough I have been waiting for some time.

I created the theory because I created the idea and believed it should have its own life. An idea doesn't live outside people. It derives life from each and every thinking brain it touches. The idea has to be presented to those thinking brains and that was what I tried to do here.

My job is to provide you with enough insight such that you can go on and reach the Undiscovered Continent.

I have been away for a long and well deserved vacation. During it, I kept thinking every so often on the theory....:) One can take the teory off the scientist but one cannot take the scientist off the theory....:)

I finished up the Hypergeometrical Standard Model, a surprisingly simple corollary of my theory. It provides answers to many of the questions you might have been asking yourself: a) where is the nuclear energy... b) what does that criptic statement that nuclear energy is not stored in quark's gluons or other potential forms means...

The closer I looked into this problem the simpler it became.

In the next few blogs I will present the Hypergeometrical Standard Model as well as a few tidying ups needed. I realized that most people cannot handle two overlaid cross-sections of a four-dimensional object (the hypergeometrical universe). In my new revision of the GUT paper, I separated the two overlaid cross-sections and that makes the ideas easier to understand. The figure above is the new symbol for the Hypergeometrical Universe. It shows the two cross-sections, I overlaid in my initial GUT paper.

Now let's talk about what lies ahead. I am quite excited since I will be doing the final calculations next weekend. All the brute force approach used to create new matter (accelerators, nuclear power plants, nuclear fusion plants) are to be replace by a subtler approach. The difference will be the same one has between an open fire and a laser beam...:)

Mankind should also be ready to understand that the Universe sings a pretty song as it travels...:)

On that note, I bid you Good Night and Good Luck.
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