Hypergeometrical Universe

Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal

When I decided to blog this theory, I hoped that it would generate enough interest and bring more scrutiny to it. While creating it, I tried to get people to read it without success.

I am not from this field and learned that outsiders are outcasts in any situation. This theory was created by an outsider and I believe that is why it is so different, creative and probably correct...:)

Many people following the same idea, repeating the same Mantras, Higgs Bosons, Conjecture This etc... will never be able to think outside that vocabulary.

It has been said, that the theory of everything would require a new vocabulary, meaning a new set of mathematical constructs, new theorems etc...

It was never said, the theory of everything would require a fresh perspective...:) Before scalating complexities for complexity sake, one should see if one can find simplifying assumptions. I looked around and found a few.

Well, let's not be too involved with one's own ideas and restate this as, there should be a place in the literature for ideas which are not the one's which are the mainstream, giving that they have a rational support. I believe my ideas fall into that category.

"Can't we all get along???? (hypergeometricists, string theorists, conjecturists...:)

I failed to get through their spam-killer software last time I tried to contact the leaders in this field (positive thinking).

I decided to take a new try now that the theory is nicely presented in a blog...:) and I will be contact a few scientists in hopes to make the theory more widely available...:)

In the next few blogs I will make public the results of my efforts.

Hope Springs Eternal..:)

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