Hypergeometrical Universe

Hypergeometrical Universe vs General Relativity

Hypergeometrical Universe 
General Relativity

I am sure there are a thousand theories out there that reproduce General Relativity predictions...:) Not!!!

In fact, I don't believe that to be the case...:) Most likely mine is the only one...:) It is certainly the only one that derives a new gravitational law that explains double jets from Black Holes, describes cylindrical or toroidal black holes...has a new model for matter (hypergeometrical standard model), a new topology (the lightspeed expanding hyperspherical universe)

Einstein's GR and current physics is at loss in explaining things that my theory explains like Double Jets from Black Holes.  Gravitation without the velocity dependence I proposed - in fact, Gerber proposed without a physical theory to support it in 1898 - explains it. The asymmetry in accelerating a body towards the speed of light and decelerating it from that speed is what creates the velocity dependence. This is as physical and simple as it gets. 

Gerber's proposed potential is just a limiting case of my more general potential which also depends upon the other body motion (e.g. rotation).  This means that in my theory, the trajectory of the Moon is effected by the state of rotation of Earth, same for Earth with respect to the Sun or for objects surrounding a rotating black hole...:)  Using that I explained the stop feeding process in Black Holes.

In addition, the theory provides a simple and real way to unify all forces.... without mathemagical curves spaces...

It provides the path for an infinite and clean source of energy (Coherent Nuclear Fusion)...

You might think that I should be clamoring for Einstein's head on a plate..:)

Of course not...

I created a theory that extends Einstein's work and achieves everything he'd ever dreamed of other than returning science into a deterministic point of view..:) In fact, I produced the only way to extend classical ideas into an inherently statistical universe paradigm.

Nothing is perfect.

What I would like to see is either criticism or support towards a wider dissemination of this theory.

In the future blogs, I will tell you how to reach the stars and finish the hypergeometrical standard model.

As in anything in life, knowledge comes with risks.  I hope you will find your path.



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