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Inflation Theory and Energy Conservation

Inflation Theory and Energy Conservation

In Inflation theory, space is supposed to grow or be born as the Universe expands...>)

Since space is isotropic, this growth should happens isotropically, that is, the distance between any two bodies should be increasing with time.

Let's do a Gedanken Experiment in which I go back in time 13 billion years and fashion a glass bottle and blow some air into it. Then I close the bottle and await 13 billion years without aging a second...:)

This Gedanken experiment generates not one but TWO paradoxes. The first one has to do with the existence of solids. The second with the heating out of space growth...:)

The distance between atoms in this bottle should increase and the increase should be proportional to the distance between them.

If one consider that constraint, our bottle would have to become a stretched up glass ball. The work necessary to change the bottle's shape was done by the space itself. Energy from Nothing..

The air inside the glass bottle should also heat up and increase the internal pressure. Again, free energy just from distance...:)

I don't know about you, but to me this sounds like an Unforgiven Energy out of Nothing conclusion...

I held the line on those conclusions. I wrote against Energy From Nothing in Great Balls of Fire...:) and provided an Energy From Something solution to Mankind Energy Problems on Coherence Nuclear Fusion...:)

Never believe when someone offer your something that is too good to be true...:)

Don't be the last to know that Inflation Theory needs replacement and that I have the solution...:)



PS- Isaac Hall was kind enough to send me a supportive email   :)
It is always nice to see people taking positions.

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