Hypergeometrical Universe

Is Space Expanding???

The Big Bang...:)

As much as I enjoy listening to the Science Channel, it really makes me mad to hear someone stating that the reason why the Cosmic Microwave Background lies in the microwave region is because space itself is expanding..:)

That sounds awfully smart..>:) Really clever.... :)

It sounds really clever because it give us horrendous insecurity since we cannot ever imagine space expanding..>:) what is the meaning of it... What doe you have outside space?

People who states that space is expanding don't ever tell you where, what is out there... :) because it is a stupid idea...:) They don't have a clue...:) Just look very smart..:)

I will rather look simple minded and point to the figure above. If we live in a shockwave Universe, our wave will expand...Space itself is always there... or at least has been there since the wave took off...

If you were to try to go around and see what is further down the wave, you would see more wave...:) nothing else...

The poor guy in the Science Channel was Joao Maqueijo...:)

Joao, you are not the first and won't be the last to utter those silly words..>:)

Don't blame yourself...:) too much..

Cheers, Joao.

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