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Miguel de Unamuno

"Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible"
Miguel de Unamuno

I couldn't resist....:) Check the
interview. It is quite funny....

Well, well... We are experiencing Technical Difficulties and you might have to go to the link itself until I figure out how to put a video in this blog...:)

In fact, I heard that Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich also carries a pocket copy of my Vacuum Permittivity Formula...:)

I forgot to mention, another source of error might be Wikipedia...:) All my numbers comes from that handy source...:)

There is also a numerically invisible 1Kg on the denominator of mu and in the numerator of epsilon, otherwise the units would be incorrect. Please check the derivation on the pdf for details.

The error in the estimation of the Vacuum Permittivity is 0.008:1 or

I hope you people are smart enough to understand that the error estimate in this case also means that conversely there is a 0.8% possible error in the estimation of the fundamental dilator 4DMass or more precisely there is a total propagated error of 0.8% from all the sources...:) Remember that I use the preferential reference frame to derive the forces. I didn't take Gravitation or absolute speed in consideration.

Even the most retarded editor/moderator etc would be impressed with those numbers...:) after all this is a quantity that is IMPOSSIBLE to be calculated...:0

I am still awaiting for Stephen Hawking's reply...:)



PS- by the way, I have to stop watching Borne Identity when I calculate things...:)

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