Hypergeometrical Universe

New Book


The theory has been published in a new book:
Quantization and Discretization at Large Scales

Which is a fitting title for a book containing a theory (The Hypergeometrical Universe) where the Whole Universe interacts in a Quantized Manner (Stroboscopic Interaction).

My Prior books:

I also learned about a list of Dissident Scientists..:)  As much as I would like to conform, my theory doesn't conform to current views and until I find a nice soul that will tell me wrong, I have the duty of defending the idea.  Not unlike Giordano  Bruno, but hopefully without the fire.

I am hopeful that before I forget about this theory and move on to my next project, some interested young students or curious Cosmologists/Particle Physicists will be motivated enough by a theory that settles down the dispute between Sir Isaac Newton and Christian Huygens in a total new way, by expanding Huygens Principle to all matter in a 5D spacetime while creating an Hypergeometrical Version of Newton's Laws.



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