Hypergeometrical Universe

Number Two

Number Two

There are two important open problems in this theory.

Here is Number Two....:)

I created a Quantum Lagrangian Equation that provides the "Forces of Nature". That coupled with standard Classical Mechanics produces both Classical and Quantum Mechanics paradigms.

The problem is that this paradigm mixing is not clean... that is, one should expand the Quantum Lagrangian Principle to reproduced all the dynamics on 3D. The QLP is missing the Classical Mechanics dynamics. The dynamics should be written in terms of the 4D Volume projected on the 3D Shock Wave Universe on the de Broglie steps. Well, this is a view considering the QLP using only 5 dimensions. Even though the space is five dimensional, there are time projections. The time projection adds one more dimension to the problem. In my first simple theory, I did not want to makes things even more difficult to understand by dealing with more complex details.

One has to bring about a physical argument for inertia. I've already associated it to a 3D footprint of the 4D displacement volume. The larger the footprint of the region of the Fabric of Space that has to be tilted the stronger the required force. Thus one just have to express this statement mathematically within the framework of the QLP. Lagrangian Multipliers are a hint...:)

Remember that the total 4D volume always remains the same on both sides of the dilator, that is, the electron should be 2000 taller on the radial direction...:) Who would guess?

I will think on it on and off for some time... but I have hig hopes that someone else will solve it before me...:)

You have a month to solve the problem, starting counting now 11/09/2006 8:00 am...:)


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