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On The Sphere II

On The Sphere II

This is a short blog about the nonexistence of perfect circles among the Stars...:)

The reason might be given by the Hypergeometrical Law of Gravitation below:

Let's body 1 be the Sun and body 2 Mercury...:)

Any change that places Mercury to move away from the Sun would make the Sun's gravitational pull weaker. On the other hand, on its way back Mercury would sense a stronger gravitational pull thus accelerating further. This means that a perfectly circular orbit is an unstable equilibrium. That might also explain a certain precession of the perihelion of Mercury without resorting to General Relativity....:)  By the way, I wrote might... One has to calculate the orbits and precession to conclude anything...:)

Hopefully someone will run a simulation or have the time to solve the differential equation and confirm what I've just wrote...:) 

If nobody does it, I will do it eventually - but for your eyes only since nobody would allow me to publish it...:)

You know we need change..:)


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