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Early version of Cosmogenesys - In the early stages, I wasn't sure which topology symmetric (equivalent to an orbital 2S)  or asymmetric (equivalent to a 2P orbital) the initial metric fluctuation would have. Later, I settled down for a  four dimensional symmetric 4-dimensional 2P orbital like metric fluctuation.  The amplitude of the fluctuation corresponds to the dilation or contraction of space. The 4D volumetric integral should yield ZERO, thus permitting the whole Universe to come out from Nothing.
Y(4140) Particle. Every other day, physicists state that the Standard Model is great just before they discover another particle and have to patch the thing again.  When I read about the God Particle (Higgs Boson) being discovered, my first reaction was that they discovered a particle.  It may or may not be a boson and there is absolutely no reason to believe this would be the last one nor that this particle gives other particles mass.  The Standard Model leaks like a sieve, full of holes created by each new particle they didn't predict.
Paper containing a review of the Gerber Model (an alternative model for General Relativity). Gerber provided an ineffective justification for the chosen Gravitation Potential.  My theory derived is from first principles under the approximation of a non-rotating Sun. Gerber predicted the observable Mercury Periheliom Precession but was discarded due to lack of theoretical support for the Potential choice.   My theory fixes that issue.
  • "In [eq. 17 of the paper], it is showed that the Gerber’s velocity–dependent potential (1) results in elliptical orbits that precess by the same amounts as predicted by General Relativity (to the lowest order of approximation), and of course these fact agrees with the observed precession rates for the perihelia of the planets, including Mercury"
  • "Whether and how the theory of Gerber can be merged with the well–known electromagnetic equations into a new unified theory is a difficult problem, which still awaits a solution"
    • My theory also solves this problem.  I derived well-known electromagnetic equations into an unified theory...:)
  • "It lacks to see if the prediction for the deflection of electromagnetic waves grazing the Sun using this potential coincide with value given by General Relativity"
    • My theory also predicts the correct level of gravitational lensing

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