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Pion Decay along Path One

Pion Decay along Path One

The Introduction of Glutonic States of Matter...;)

We hear everyday the the world is getting fatter...:) especially the people here in the US...:) It just happens that the Universe always had little Glutons... or at least Glutonic States..>:)

As usual, after writing a whimsical posting I realize that I should had detailed everything in the most clear fashion possible. Certain points are too relevant to leave understated.

That is certainly the case of Pion decay. Pions are created during collisions between Protons and Anti-Protons in the heart of colliders. These particles importance is speculated (wildly) within the orthodox science (speculation)...:)

First let's consider first the reduced representation of the Tau Neutrino and its relationship with the Muon and Electron Neutrinos. Their diagrams is shown below:

This diagrams are easily associated with their state diagram shown below:
where one can easily see the Proton State coherences (Electron Neutrino - which is a sum of two Electron-Proton Transmutation chords) and Electron State coherences (Muon Neutrino - which is a sum of two Electron-Positron Transmutation chords).

Of course, the Electron-Proton transmutation chord which corresponds to a spatial rotation in the 3D space (hypersurface) would become a Positron-Antiproton transmutation chord if applied to an initial positronic state...:)

A Pion Minus decays into an Muon Minus and a muon neutrino. Experimental evidence indicates that the ratio between muon and electron neutrinos is closer to one..>:) consistent with this picture.

This simple picture totally explains the why the ratio between Muon and Electron Neutrinos is around ONE.

This puzzling result is consistent with having the starting Pion state to be the slimmest Glutonic Pion State. Later we will see what happens when one starts from the first Glutonic State.



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