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Request for Criticism...:)

Request for Criticism

Today, I was going through some amazing videos about Dolphins and Beluga Whales (amazing animals) and I found a reference to a toroidal machine (supposedly a double tokamak or something like that) and the name of Nassin Haramein.

I googled him to find out more about the design and saw a New Age Indian fellow talking to gullible New Age People.  I also found a critique of Nassin's narrative:

Since I crave criticism, I went on and sent Bob (the guy who wrote the Up blog criticizing Nassin) a request for criticism...with a built in criticism to Bob's critique..:) Just to start the ball rolling.  I believe that Science should be fun, criticism can be a two-way street or a vigorous scientific debate.  All of those options are fun and enlightening.

Below is the email I sent to Bob.  Hopefully he will engage me and help me explain my ideas or correct them.

Dear Bob,
 I liked your criticism of Nassin Haremain’s charlatanism…
 Could you please use your nice skills to criticize my work.  I believe that only through criticism or critique one can progress.
 The work is shown in the blog
http://hypergeometricaluniverse.com I have had a very hard time finding a single scientist who would make any criticism of my work..:) and that is not fair…J If it is bad, it should be easy to find an evident error.
 For instance, it is quite disturbing how easily you repeat the current blurb about the expansion of space (space coming out of nowhere) while not coming with a simple explanation like my lightspeed expanding hyperspherical hypersurface (a 3d Hypersurface where our Universe is located).  Please check the blog, pdfs, books or ask questions on the blog. I will be more than happy to explain anything.
 This topology doesn’t require you to create space as you go… explains expansion without dark energy, etc..

In any event, we might benefit from his sharp tongue.


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