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Sapor Similis Pullus

Sapor Similis Pullus

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I will be in a Castle in Wales in July, hopefully celebrating the existence of continued questioning in Science. Of course, this continuous questioning, pondering, revising of prior ideas doesn't take place in mainstream academia (e.g. Los Alamos Arxives, American and British Physics Societies, etc). There, everyone is a member of the Choir and they all profess the same Religion.

Don't try to read too much on my parabolas. What I've said just means that the people who control and publish Physics are all members of the String Theory, Inflation Theory, Standard Model etc... Family...:) dedicated members of incremental, forward moving, never revisiting or revising prior hypotheses, scientific stepwise improvers... and of course, powerful censors..>:)

By the way, despite of the last two blogs having a Religious framework, they were not about Religion. They were about Science. Science should be Science and Religion should be Religion in the sense that Religion has to have at least one Dogma (Existence of God) while Science should not have any.

I will be in Europe in July. I've heard that there are many philosophers, physicists (e.g. from CERN, LHC), great thinkers in general in the Old Continent...

I would love to part bread and drink some wine with my fellow Brainiac colleagues...:)

Please contact me through the email found in my profile or leave a comment.

I will be in UK from July 5th to 8th and in Rome from 9th to 13th. Hopefully the Philosophers from La Sapienza and Sorbonne would join me for dinner and discussions in Rome. CERN or otherwise physicists are, of course, welcome.

While in the UK, let me know if you have some time, Stephen Hawking..:) I will buy the first round of beers.



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