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Single Electron Double Slit Experiment

Single Electron Double Slit Experiment:
Experimentalist Point of View..:)

I told a theoretician friend of mine my explanation on why I did not believe any longer on the standard conclusion assigned to the Double Slit Experiment.

He was slightly convinced until he managed to utter the Single Electron Experiment Argument....:)

As you know, theorists have too many hands... they break things in the lab... they are oftentimes kept out from anything experimental...:)

The Single Electron Double Slit Experiment argument goes like this. If one lowers the cathodic current to such a level that a single electron is detected at any given time, that electron will have to be interfering with itself...

If you don't pay attention to the argument and don't know anything about laboratory setups, you might be puzzled.

The missing point is the design of the experiment. One has to have small slits to allow for the de Broglie wave to interfere into anything that can be detected in a not too far detector. This means that most of the electrons will be hitting the plate itself and missing the slit.

If one remembers that one pico Ampere cathodic current is around 10 million electrons and that is in the lowest end current one can measure (this is not the detector array current), then it is clear that there is a significant 3D de Broglie projection of the 4D dilaton field. Since this dilaton projection is supperimposed on a random bath of thermal dilatons, it will be the main driving field for the monochromatic electrons.

The electrons have an inertial motion which seeks to relax their local 4D torsional states but they are subject to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle, thus they surf the dilaton fields.

They do that before the slit and they will do that after the slit... The dilaton field projection has a de Broglie wavelength and will interfere after passing through the slits.

The electrons or the single electron will surf it into the detector array and produce the interferometric pattern - Even if they arrive one at a time...:)


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