Hypergeometrical Universe

Size Doesn't Matter...:)

Size Doesn't Matter...:)

How BIG was the Universe at the Inception?

The answer depends upon how many dimensions you are considering... The Hypergeometrical Universe Cosmogenesis proposes a sequence of Dimensionality Transitions. An initial Zero Spatial Dimension Fluctuation unfolds space and creates the 5D Spacetime Odyssey we inhabit.

When I refer to Zero Dimension Space I am always referring to zero spatial dimension space plus Cosmological Time. You cannot time a fluctuation without a clock...:)

There are two problems when thinking about Cosmogenesis. One of the them is the Dimensionality Transitional Problem and the Second is associated with aftermath.
In this blog I will only speak of the aftermath of the Zero to Four Spatial Dimension Transition.

After the Dimensional Transition we are left with a four dimensional volume where space doesn't exist, surrounded by an Infinite Four Dimensional Cartesian Universe. Not unlike Giordano Bruno, I prefer to think that the Unfolding created the Infinite Four-Dimensional Cartesian Universe. We have the Mathemal language to describe the events, although some of us might not have the imagination to think about the dimensional unfolding.

Unfolding might be exactly the opposite that I mean, but I cannot come up with a better word...maybe unravelling... but that sounds like a disaster...:) I will keep unfolding for the time being..

total mass of the Universe is around 10^55 kg, which means around 10^82 Fat Electrons.

Each Skinny Proton has a 3D radius of around one Bohr radius/10^4 or 10^-15 m. This is a very conservative estimate, since we know that sidewise the Fat Proton becames really, really skinny. The 4D Volume of the Skinny Proton= 4D Volume of the Fat Electron = 10^-60 m^4, thus the upper limit is a fluctuation of characteristic length of fourth root of (10^82*10^-60) or 10^5 meters.

A more realistic volume for the Fat Electron would be 10^-66 m^4 which would result in a fluctuation or characteristic dimension of 10^4 meters. Still a sizeable fluctuation, well above the Supersymmetry Radius described on my paper (Grand Unification Theory).

From 10 km of Naught the whole Universe came bursting out at the Big Bang...:)

I guess you thought I would conclude it was just a few inches... No such Luck...:)


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