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The Proton Spin Crisis

The Solution to the Proton Spin Crisis

I wasn't aware that there was a Proton Spin Crisis until a few days ago. This means that I will tackle this problem soon, hopefully tomorrow.

It is only fair to leave my readers with some hints on how to tackle the problem and what the problem is...:)

The problem is that the Standard Model could't explain the observed Proton Spin using the quarks paradigm.

I've just wonder how they explain the electron spin since it is suppose not to have any quarks in it or structure to speak about...:)  I suppose they will just say :  "Because I said so..:)"

Up to know I have been describing the Fundamental Dilator as a single coherence described by this figure:
 This picture depicts the four stages of a deformation coherence of a four dimensional spatial metric (five dimensional spacetime metric).  This means the the local space is dilated more, dilated less, shrank less, shrank more as it rotates within a four dimensional spatial manifold.

I've never mentioned anything about another deformation state with the same energy as this (a degenerated state - and I don't mean a very depraved state..>:)
This is a degenerated state, where the metric deformation is splitted into two moieties separated by half dilaton wavelength (to be in phase with each other).  The deformational 3D and 4D masses have to be the same, thus placing constraints on the velocity and distance between the two moieties...:)
This pseudo-dimmer has to rotate such as to create the observed magnetic moment, which having a mass distribution such as to produce the appropriate mass and moment of inertia.

Think about it.  I will do the same and return as soon as I can with my answer..:)



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