Hypergeometrical Universe

White Orifice Propelled Galaxy

White Orifice Propelled Galaxy

 I am sure you notice the breakdown of velocity (momentum) symmetry in the Hypergeometrical Law of Gravitation shown below:

where body 1 is the rotating Cylindrical Black Hole....:)

With V1.R be zero for a cylindrical rotating black hole...:) the resulting equation becomes:

If one considers matter falling onto the White Orifice with zero angular momentum (V1.V2=0) we obtain:

This equation clearly shows that the force felt by falling matter and ejected matter (on the other side of the White Orifice) senses a different levels of gravitation. This means that Gravitation will actually provide trust as it sucks the matter ahead and trusts it away off its White Orifice.

This is the first ever theory that shows that it is different (easier) to gravitationally slow down quasi-lightspeed matter than it is to accelerate it further. This is the basis for the asymmetry associated with Gravitation. But if you remember my Hypergeometrical Law of Electromagnetism has the same velocity dependence thus the same feature:

you see that that is always the case and always should had been. Any theory that cannot fathom that reality is not fit to be relativistic...:)

There is a small caveat.  These equations were derived in the relaxed Fabric of Space condition, thus they are not perfect for Black Hole analysis. Non approximated (exact) equations can be easily derived if there is interest. These ones are enough to provide guidance for the broad physical description of what happens in a White Orifice.

Of course, when I write this, I am correcting everyone else in the planet...:)  We all cannot be correct...:) Take the Sam Wormley Challenge...:)

Of course, there isn't any White Orifice Propelled Galaxy since there isn't an asymmetric mass (along the axial direction) distribution around an White Orifice...:)



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