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Infinitas Complicata

Infinitas Complicata

This is about String Theory, M-Theory etc...

First, I have to preface this by saying that the developement of those theories are extremely difficult and require a focused mind and a very special mind.

The search for the Theory of Everything has moved from the observation of Physics into the observation of Mathematics. These theories were created by tremendously intelligent people and attract the best minds...:)

Without any possible guidance, the theory has been trying to keep Maxwell's equations - e.g. Kaluza-Klein Theory, General Relative Gravitational Equations, Standard Model etc..

My point is that they know that in principle the theory, if written on the correct space will be simpler than our current perception. If you try to solve a problem with spherical symmetry using Cartesian coordinates, the problem will be awfully difficult. If you try to understand the Universe looking at the shadows on a wall, the Universe will be awfully difficult to understand.

After I proposed the Hyperspherical Expanding Geometry, I realized that the whole Physics have been looking at 3D projections.

Currently, Science in this area has been done with little guidance of Physics. A scientist guess a metric and a Lagrangian and see what are the solution for gravitational waves, Black Hole description or any other irrelevant problem. Neither Gravitational Waves nor Black Holes have been properly documented - experimental results are not available.

Instead, I replicated the experimental results we have and tried to explain the things we didn't understand.

I strongly dislike the idea of creating a compact Universe for each quantum number. It really seem not physical. The things get even worse, when one tries to starting from an infinitesimal (very small) floppy string to replicate the non-uniform distribution of the mass spectrum.

I think the choice of a String , no matter how Super it might be, is a poor choice. Not unlike choosing Cartesian coordinates for solving a problem with spherical geometry. The smallness of it (otherwise we could see it)...:) makes these states even higher in energy...:) It is a nightmare...

To make the SuperString to give in, space has been curled, bent to see if the energy levels would comply. I think that it is better to start with the Mass Spectrum and a meaningful topology and see if the model can explain reality...:) That is what I did.

Guessing left and right on how to torture space for it to give your solutions is no better than using the solutions (mass spectrum), a meaninful topology and deriving the deformational potential. That is a much simpler task, almost not worthy of a TOE... but such is life.. One should do the easy tasks first.

I proposed that if you rotate different initial states you might be able to replicate all the mass spectrum you have. The Electron-Proton paradigm further simplify the understanding of the particle zoo...

My interaction with the people that works in this field has been nill, not due to my lack of trying but due to the characteristics of this field.

The scientists who works in String Theory, M-Theory are extremely intelligent and the subject (TOE) is the largest EGO booster possible...:) No wonder they are so wary of crackpots (with crackpot ideas) and try to protect the integrity of their own thoughts.

A pursuer of the TOE cannot read anyone's else ideas otherwise he will cheat himself/herself from the Holy Grail of Physics in his/her mind.

Well, these are the boundary conditions. One has to deal with it.

I would be making a disservice to Science if I were to bash them for their behavior...:) and I don't want to do that. Those are just the Rules of the Game.

I would like to mention that their theory is awfully complicated...:) and that one should be carefull not to Fall in Love with the Beautiful Equation and have no eyes to a decent, physically fit, well presented theory (not of his/her own)..:)

It is not a Sin just to look at someone's else Mistress...:) Well, factually, it might be, but for sake of argument let's think it is not...:)


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